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When it comes to restoring your vehicle to its original glory, a Cadillac collision center may not always be the right place to bring it. Cosmetic damage can be remedied easily, but damage to the engine or structure of your vehicle can require much more serious repairs. But how do you know whether to take your vehicle to a collision or service center? Let’s take a look.

Collision Center Services
Vehicle collision centers primarily provide patrons with exterior repairs and upgrades. Services can range from simple paint touch-ups to complete body kit replacements, depending on what drivers bring their vehicles in for.

Vehicles that have been in a collision usually sustain cosmetic damage that can be fixed at a collision center, but the interior damage must be fixed at a service center. If you notice more serious symptoms like leaking fluids, noisy idling, or other new occurrences then a collision center most likely can’t help you.

Service Center Services
On the flip side, service centers concern themselves primarily with the internal workings of your vehicle. The service center is where you take your vehicle for services ranging from maintenance tasks like oil and filter changes to more serious repairs like suspension realignments and part replacements.

While drivers can wait to fix the cosmetic damage, interior repairs really shouldn’t be put off. Delaying interior repairs can lead to further damage that can exponentially raise the bill you’re stuck with, so for the sake of your vehicle don’t hesitate to bring it by a service center.

Visit Our Cadillac Collision Center or Service Center Today
Fortunately, Cadillac of Bentonville has both a collision and service center for drivers to make use of. Schedule your visit to either online today — certified technicians are ready and waiting to restore your vehicle to a pristine state!

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