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If you’re in need of some paintless dent repair in Bentonville, AR, then this guide is for you. Dents in your vehicle’s body can be caused by many things, and they can range from minor to severe depending on the nature of the inciting incident. Let’s go over what paintless dent repair entails, and how it differs from other dent repair methods.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?
Paintless dent repair is exactly what it sounds like: paintless dent repair remedies dents in your vehicle’s body without affecting its paint job. Many of the same techniques employed in other body repairs are used in paintless dent repair, just not paint-related ones.

How Does PDR Differ from Other Dent Repair Methods?
Paintless dent repair is by far the fastest and easiest way to repair dents in a vehicle’s body. It can be done at just about any body shop swiftly — so swiftly in fact that it can oftentimes be done in the time drivers spend filling out all the required paperwork. Larger dents may require a bit more time to get out, but technicians will most likely be able to complete it in less than a day.

What Does the PDR Process Look Like?
Firstly, technicians must examine the area. This is done to both take inventory of the damage and to try and find a way to access the dent from inside the body. Once a route is found, pressure will be applied to the rear side until it snaps back to its original shape.

Schedule Paintless Dent Repair in Bentonville, AR
Does your vehicle need paintless dent repair? Schedule your visit to the Cadillac of Bentonville body shop online today to return your vehicle to its original glory. One visit could be all that is required to get your vehicle looking new again, so be sure to schedule yours today!

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