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Despite its promise of beautiful weather, summertime can also be a promise of damage to your vehicle’s tires. A quick Cadillac tire service trip could be just the answer. It may seem tedious at the time, but ensuring your tires are prepared for the heat and dryness of the summer months could save you the trouble of a flat as you go about your day.

Here are three reasons why Cadillac tire service should be performed before the weather heats up.

Heat Affects Pressure
Rising summer temperatures can affect the pressure level of your tires. Higher temperatures can cause your tires to become over-pressurized, which can lead to increased wear and lowered traction. To prevent this, you’re going to need to keep close track of your tire pressure as temperatures rise, releasing air or inflating as needed to keep the pressure at its optimal level.

Lack of Moisture Can Dry Tires
Summer months mean a large reduction in the air’s moisture content. Drier air can dry out rubber tires over time, causing them to crack and wear much faster than in cooler, wetter weather. Dry tires are more prone to fail, leaving you stranded in the heat with a flat tire.

If you’re unsure of the current state of your tires, an inspection our Cadillac service center in Bentonville, AR service center is strongly advised.

Old Tires Compromise Good Gas Mileage
If your tires are worn out, you may notice a drop in performance as you drive your car. Regular tire maintenance ensures your summer adventures aren’t impeded by trips to refuel, so schedule your visit ASAP.

Schedule Your Service at Cadillac of Bentonville
If you haven’t serviced your tires in a while, schedule your trip to the Cadillac of Bentonville service center online today. Getting your vehicle’s tires checked out by our team of certified technicians could save you from having your summertime plans ruined. Schedule your visit to ensure a faulty tire doesn’t impede your summer fun!

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