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A cracked window may not seem like a big problem, but it can spell disaster on the road if you don’t tend to it soon. Fortunately for you, replacement windows in Bentonville, AR can be easily secured at the Cadillac of Bentonville body shop. If you find yourself unsure of how to remedy a cracked window or windshield, then be sure to follow this quick guide.

Chipped vs. Cracked
Most damage to your windows or windshield will take the form of a chip or a crack in the glass. While neither is ideal, a chip in your window can be much easier to cope with than a crack.

Depending on the location and size, a chip or crack can potentially be remedied. But, for the fix to work, they will have to fit certain requirements or otherwise require a full replacement.

Assessing the Risk
While a chip or crack may look small, it can drastically reduce the window’s ability to withstand the debris kicked up on the road. Should this chip or crack occur on your windshield, you may not be able to safely drive your vehicle to your local service center. If this is the case, you’ll have to have your vehicle towed to the Cadillac of Bentonville body shop.

Repair vs. Replace
Chips smaller than a quarter can be filled in with an epoxy resin solution, but anything larger will necessitate a window replacement. For a crack to be fixable it must be no larger than six inches, not be in the driver’s line of sight, and also not be on the edge of the windshield. Should the crack in question not meet all these requirements the pane of glass will need to be replaced.

Find Replacement Windows in Bentonville, AR Here
To ensure your windshield and windows can withstand the demands of the road, schedule your visit to the Cadillac of Bentonville body shop online today! What may seem like a minor crack could put your vehicle out of commission until remedied.

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