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We may be seeing signs of future Cadillac models sooner than you think! State-of-the-art concepts may be coming to fruition in the coming years, bringing with them innovations only Cadillac vehicles could create. Buckle up for these Cadillac concept vehicles and take a peek at what the future of the Cadillac lineup may look like.

Cadillac Escala
The Cadillac Escala concept takes the silhouette seen in current Cadillac sedans and turns the sophistication up to eleven. Inside passengers can expect an interior fit for royalty, wrapped in hand-sewn leather, cashmere, and American walnut accents. We will probably be seeing elements of this concept fulfilled in the coming years within the Cadillac CELESTIQ and LYRIQ models.

Cadillac Elmiraj
Inspired by the iconic Cadillac Eldorado, the Cadillac Elmiraj concept brings us back to an iconic moment in Cadillac’s history. The Elmiraj’s sleek, two-door body serves as a reminder of classic Cadillac luxury while including advanced driver-focused technology and modern comfort features that we should be seeing in most Cadillac models moving forward.

Halo Portfolio
Cadillac’s Halo Portfolio shows us what the epitome of Cadillac innovation would look like. All three models—the two-person InnerSpace coupe, six-person SocialSpace SUV, and single-passenger PersonalSpace quadcopter—will employ cutting-edge tech both inside and out. You can expect autonomous driving modes, fully electric powertrains, and technological features beyond your wildest dreams from each of these three concept models.

Learn About Future Cadillac Models at Cadillac of Bentonville
With an unknown number of years between now and when we begin seeing the traces of these vehicles on the road, visit us here at Cadillac of Bentonville to take a look at what current Cadillac models have to offer. The current Cadillac lineup already exceeds the expectations of many, so who knows what heights future models will achieve!

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