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To help our patrons secure their dream vehicle without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled this guide about the GM supplier discount list and how you can secure your discounted vehicle. Make sure to read this through to the end — it could just help you save thousands on your next Cadillac vehicle.

What Is the GM Supplier Discount?
The GM supplier discount is provided to employees of companies that work in tandem with GM. This casts a wide net since many industries work alongside GM, meaning many employers qualify for this discount. Additionally, employees of GM business associates can also receive the benefits of this discount as well.

Who Is Eligible for the Discount?
Eligibility for the GM supplier discount is reserved for United States residents who are hourly or salaried employees at a GM supplier or associated business. If you are unsure about your status as a member of a GM supplier or business associate, you can check to see if your employer is listed on the GM supplier discount website.

Which Models Are Eligible for the Discount?
Most GM models, both new and used, are eligible to receive this discount, including many Cadillac vehicles. The exact discount amount will vary depending on how recent the model is, but you may be able to get a discount in the double digits in certain cases. You should make sure to check the discount amount for each Cadillac model you are interested in and factor that into your consideration before moving forward in the financing process.

Still Have Questions About the GM Supplier Discount List?
If you are still confused about the details surrounding the GM supplier discount, be sure to reach out to one of our finance experts here at Cadillac of Bentonville for answers. This discount could help you secure the vehicle you’ve been dreaming about, so why wait to get in on the action? Stop by our Bentonville, AR today to see how much you can save!

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